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    Art Direction // Graphic // Game
    PROJECT: DimmiDeck is the brainchild of an EFL teacher (English as a Foreign Language) and a graphic artist.

    EMPLOYER : DimmiDeck

    DATE : 2016 // 2017



A Magic Trick

DimmiDeck is made up of fifty unique, colourful and slightly weird characters. For younger learners they’re beautiful, easy to follow comic book panels to capture their imagination. For teenagers and adults, they’re an unusual, engaging visual aid to teach a variety of vocabulary topics, grammar points and abstract concepts. You are the teacher, you are the resource. DimmiDeck is simply the inspiration.

DimmiDeck’s Electrician has just received a shock…

With fifty different characters in fifty different situations, your imagination is the only limit to what you can teach with DimmiDeck. Introduce new vocabulary with every card, and adapt each card to the lesson or grammar point you’re teaching.

When not being used as teaching materials, use the same cards as a resource for games and activities created by the DimmiDeck community. Match ups, snap, memory games, flashcards and board games can all take advantage of DimmiDecks strange, colourful and imaginative characters to engage students and bring your lessons to life.

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This versatility of DimmiDeck means that with one in your pocket you’ve always got a suitable activity ready to go at a moments notice.

Whistle while you work…

With DimmiDeck the images are simple, but deceptively deep. This seemingly straight-forward image of a waiter is packed with vocabulary, from how he looks and how he’s dressed, to what he’s doing or where he works. Every DimmiDeck character has the same level of complexity, so there’s often no need to prepare cards beforehand.

DimmiDeck characters come in all shapes, sizes, colours and moods. They’re doing everything from singing and cooking to pouring a drink or stroking a dog. Sometimes they need advice or help, sometimes they’re in scary situations. Sometimes an event has just happened, or is about to happen.

Whatever your topic, DimmiDeck is immediately to hand with a selection of engaging, often escalating or evolving situations to expand your lessons, add extra activities or just help clarify that grammar point in that unique, clear way that only an image can.

For those lessons where you need a bit extra, DimmiDeck’s got your back.

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