• DimmiDeck Pre-Production
  • DimmiDeck Pre-Production

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    DimmiDeck is a simple yet versatile card set for teaching a second language. For both teachers and parents, DimmiDeck makes learning easy and fun!

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    DATE : 2016-2017



DimmiDeck is the brainchild of an EFL teacher (English as a Foreign Language) and a graphic artist

Whilst communicative and visual methods of teaching have long been established as the best way to engage students to learn a second language, popular materials remain overly grammar and language focused.

DimmiDeck is a versatile tool for all second language teachers, enabling them to quickly invent communicative, fun lessons and games for students of all ages

Students use imaginationcreativity and above all, communication to learn.
For parents in bilingual households or those who wish to help their children with their second language, DimmiDeck have designed short lessons and games that quickly give you the tools and methods needed to get the most out of your study time, letting you in on the secrets of language teaching and making learning fun for you and your student!

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The DimmiDeck is all about communicative language teaching and creating games and activities with your students that focus on talking and actually using their second language. However the communicative approach is more than just adding a few new activities to your lessons, it requires a conscious change in various aspects of your teaching style and creating a new culture of chatting, sharing and positivity inside your classroom.
To start us off, we will be writing a series of blogs entitled ‘Nurturing and Promoting Conversation in the Classroom’. It will be a series of eight articles starting with ‘Don’t Interrupt! – How to Correct Correctly’.
The first part will be posted on Monday 12th of December and be updated every Monday for the next two months.
We hope you enjoy our posts! If you have any suggestions for articles, questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to contact us through our page or our website.

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